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I’ve realised several people are searching for referrals for the sweet deals they bring to both the referees. I made a list in case you want to use mines.

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EXCHANGES: Marketplace where cryptocurrencies are traded for fiat or other cryptocurrencies.


You’ll get €8 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell €83 or more in crypto. The exchange will adapt to your countries fiat. Click here!

In addition Coinbase has some benefits once your identity has been verified… spoiler alert, it takes weeks… but worth the wait.


Every time you make a trade, you’ll receive 10% commission in real time. Usually as a referrer you can select between 0%, 5%, and 10%. When you click here, you can cross-check the 10% is assigned.

Enrolling to Binance allows you to participate in where you can learn and get paid in the coin of the project you just learn about. It is similar as the promos from Coinbase, but CoinMarketCap actualises its projects more often, at least in my experience.

You get $25 USD using this referral when sign-up for, click here. Important to mention that you have to meet certain criteria to cash that sign-up bonus.

Give a good look to’s cash back program, it’s really attractive. Especially if you are one of those ones that likes to have the feeling they are saving whilst they are spending, I sometimes fall there…

This is live document, I will add other exchanges with referral benefits and also I will include a page with the faucets I’ve seen they work the best.



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