The Ultimate Guide for Free Crypto

Let’s face it, there is a big % of people like me that are a bit cheap a$$ and are a huge fan of freebies.

If you are wondering if you can truly make some free cryptocurrency, I must say, you are correct, you can! Nowadays, the interest in cryptocurrency has exploded, and what better way to get into it than with no money, no risk, just the fun to experiment.

The following are ways to earn crypto without a single dime, and several of them are quite generous. I will write another post with other ways of earning more crypto but putting skin on the game.



Don’t expect you’ll become rich with this, but if you are constant, you can make some coins (depending on which, don’t count a full Bitcoin in your lifetime with just faucets, but a full Nano could be achievable). Still, it is a fun way to see how the crypto wallets function and to start with your rodeo.

Your only task is usually to click in some captchas to confirm you are not a robot, but that is pretty much it, you can do this several times a day in some cases or once a day in others.

There tons of faucets, you can find them often just by searching on Google “name of the coin + faucet”, 

For example, you can go to freenanofaucet and Doge Faucet


Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it correctly, there are games that pay you for playing. There is a whole bunch of different options.

The best one is WeNano, you receive Nano for playing some sort of Pokemon Go type of game. The only problem is that if you live in a rural area or a small city, the chances of a good reward are minimal; however, if you live in a big city, charge your phone and prepare to start a tour! 

You can play a Quake-style game that pays you each time that you kick some butts! If you want to spend some time just playing and get paid, this is a nice way to do so. Again, don’t expect that you’ll become a millionaire doing this.

There are some apps that also pay you in different coins, even in Bitcoin, there are games like candy crush or solitaire, the catch with this format is that you have to watch a sh!t ton of video ads, so basically they are paying you for your attention. If you are a fan of these games, is a good option. I personally played a couple of times just to see the process, and it worked! I got paid, almost nothing, but I mean, I was just playing! The graphics are not as bad as you would expect. Just go to your appstore and search for bitcoin games, there are plenty, I played some made by Bling.

After playing one week of several Bling games, I could cash out… drums… around $0.36USD considering today’s BTC rate.

Another example of games MyCryptoHeroesEverDragonsAxie InfinityDecentraland, and Brave Frontier Heroes

In some cases, they aren’t even games, just collectibles that you can earn, trade and buy. Examples are CryptoKitties and Clovers

Brave Browsing

My Personal Favourite, Brave Browser! They pay you with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), at the moment I’m writing this article, the value of a BAT is $0.54USD. BAT is completely tradable and you can sell it once you have some accumulated. Regardless of the rewards, the browser itself is fabulous, it is a turbo Chrome, so receiving BAT as a reward is just the icing! 

Download here


We are talking here about a search engine that pays you each time you perform any search. There is a cap of how many searches you can do and get paid per day, but the layout is quite sweet, if you don’t like the results shown, you have a bar to change search engines or social media platforms including, Google, Youtube, Twitter, DuckDuckGo, to name a few. You can even customize your providers, so there you go, no excuses. 

By registering on Presearch clicking here, you get 25 PRE to begin with. 


This is more elaborated and takes some time but worth it, you can get up to $30USD of free crypto. You can download the app here (it’s my link, it gives you a 10USD (8EUR to my European friends) incentive when you load some fiat into the app. 

First, you’ll have to verify your identity by uploading an ID – this takes a ridiculously long time to happen. Once is verified, you can complete some tests that allow you to receive different rewards. Usually is a video or text explaining the way a coin works, and you get rewarded in that coin.

Keep an eye on the videos and information, at the end there is a test that you need to pass in order to receive the reward. 

Download and join Coinbase here


An app that pays you for walking, yeah, how cool is that! I just started using it, and it seems it has some bugs, perhaps when you are reading this you can revisit and check if there has been an update that makes it properly work. Also is loaded with ads, but well, we want the goodies right? When we are samples eating at the supermarket, we still need to see the big brand right in front of our faces. 

I’ve been doing some research and it seems legit, I will give it a try again, it doesn’t store information, it doesn’t use battery, you just have to open it. The coin you receive is called KIN, is just starting to develop, and is low value, yet, you can already exchange it for gift cards. 


This can be the jackpot, but the process of enrolling and the possibilities of winning are quite slim. Some upcoming coins use as marketing campaign airdrops. They give for free some new coins or tokens they are trying to promote, in order to receive this they require you to make some tasks, such as retweeting or joining Telegram groups, some even ask you to create memes or so. I’m not a huge fan of this one because your possibilities of getting selected usually are low and you have to allocate significant time. Some of these coins, even when they are for free, they have virtually no value and are dependent on the future of the coin, so in some cases, it could go to 0 or you could be all the way to the moon. Usually, solid projects nowadays don’t do this.


Social Media – Reddit/Hive/SteemIt

Actively participating in social media in such sites can give you coins, there are several communities in Reddit that promote this such as Safemoons! You get moons for participating in the sub, and yes, these Moons have value and can be tradable. Hive and SteemIt also offer the same with their own coins. 

Check r/CryptoCurrency, you can read more about Moons there

If you are a good writer, a content creator, you like to engage in community discussions, this is a great way of making some coins here. 


This is an interesting project, but I haven’t personally used it. Siacoin lets people rent extra memory space from your computer, in exchange, you get Sia coins. I prefer other options rather than having a part of the old laptop’s memory space compromised, but perhaps if you have massive storage, this could be attractive to you.  Because you are storing information of other people, you have to be 95% of the time connected, 

You can learn more here

 You know other ways to get free crypto? Leave a comment below! 



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