Pleased you are here! I trust you can find something of interest, if you have comments or suggestions, feel free to drop a note!

I’m a crypto enthusiast that has been trying to educate himself through the beauty of internet. I found that the crypto world is dominated by fancy terms that scares potential new crypto investors. In my blog, I try to explain crypto and how to work with it, the same way I would explain it to someone who is interested but doesn’t have a clue about protocols. Basically, taking crypto to a common level conversation. 

Sadly, no lambos here…

Also, sharing some tips and trick I wished I learned when I started my crypto journey. And perhaps, some of the glories and disappointments in this world…

Join me for some basics, this is not going to be high level conversation, just a chit chat with a buddy that enjoys the subject but certainly is not a PhD candidate on the matter.

Feel free to subscribe! Don’t worry, I won’t flood your email with spam. I do this as a hobby, so it will be a long but slow road, hope you join me!

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