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Imagine a highway toll during a long weekend and everyone is paying cash like the good old days, now imagine the huge bottleneck this would create (when Spotify won’t have enough songs to get you through), the slow processing would cause massive delays – this is the problem networks built on a single blockchain face,…

Is Solana a Ninja?

Well well well, isn’t this an interesting shy coin… So let’s imagine that you need to hire a hitman or hitwoman (no room for discrimination here), and you have two choices, one is a bulky warrior with a long sword, big shield, and heavy armor, the other is a freaking ninja! Both are going to…

A little about me…

I’m a crypto enthusiast that has been trying to educate himself through the beauty of internet. I found that the crypto world is dominated by fancy terms that scares potential new crypto investors. In my blog, I try to explain crypto and how to work with it, the same way I would explain it to someone who is interested but doesn’t have a clue about protocols. Basically, taking crypto to a common level conversation. 

Also sharing some tips and trick I wish I knew when I started with Crypto.


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